Accident Do's and Dont's

Shaheen Chevrolet wants you to know what to do in case of an accident. Many insurance companies have programs called DRP that make arrangements with collision centers to assist in resolving accident claims for their insured. We participate with several of the major insurance companies in these types of programs. Their goal is really three pronged:

1) make it easier for the insured to get their car repaired
2) make the repair more cost effective for them and partner with a collision center to provide that service
3) provide the collision center with additional business that they might not ordinarily get.

As a participating collision center, you have to live up to the insurance companies measurements. Typically, we are measured on our Customer Satisfaction ratings from post repair surveys that are completed by a third party, what is called our cycle time - how quickly and accurately we are able to complete those repairs, whether or not we measure up to the required insurance companies standards for training (in the insurance industry the standard is I-Car) which is typically Gold Standard.

1. Stop your vehicle if it is clear, safe and legal.

2. Move the vehicle out of the traveled roadway, if it is clear, safe and legal. (In some states, it is against the law to move the vehicle from the place where the accident occurred. Check the local ordinance in your area.)

3. Turn off the ignitions of the vehicles involved.

4. Make a first aid check of all persons involved in the accident.

5. Call the police and, if necessary, emergency medical services.

6. Mark the scene of the accident with flares or retro-reflective triangles.

7. Gather the names of all persons involved in the motor vehicles and people who witnessed the accident.

8. Make a quick diagram of where the vehicle occupants were seated and indicate the vehicle's direction of travel and lane. Also, note the date, time and weather conditions.

9. Ask to see the other driver's license and write down the number.

10. Exchange insurance company information. DO NOT discuss "fault" or make statements about the accident to anyone but the police.

11. Get a copy of the police report of the accident from the local precinct.

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