Quick Lube Oil Change in Lansing, MI at Shaheen Chevrolet

Shaheen Chevrolet is the only Chevrolet Dealer in the Lansing area with a Quick Lube Oil Change and Tire Center

You will not be able to get a faster or cheaper oil change anywhere in Lansing, East Lansing, or Grand Ledge. Our Quick Lube Center in Lansing is the only in town that can get you  the oil change you need, at the price and speed you want. With our Oil Change Center, you do not need a service appointment, just swing by when it is convenient and get your oil changed. If you need more than an oil change, please see our service specials to get a great deal during your visit. 

Not sure when to get your oil changed? Well, if you drive an older car, truck, or SUV, you'll want to change your oil roughly every 3,000 miles. In brand new cars, it should be okay to change your oil more or less every 5,000 to 6,000 miles. Your owners manual often have the recommended oil change intervals for your precise car model. The kind of driving you engage in may require you to change your oil more often. 

Engine Oil - The Lifeblood of your Chevrolet Vehcile

Motor oil consists of petroleum-based and non-petroleum-synthesized chemical compounds; it is pivotal to lubricate internal combustion engines, which decreases friction and fights wear and tear on car engine components. Particles created while in the combustion process are also grabbed and retained by the oil and oil filter. Ensuring your car or truck always has optimal oil amounts will help improve your engine's performance when operating, assist in preventing the formation of build up, and help out with minimizing harmful emissions that get released into the air. This means that having regular oil changes ensures you are getting the best fuel efficiency your vehicle could have. It is recommended that you check your car's oil about every 600 miles, in addition just before every extended road trip, simply to be sure your automobile is running with optimal oil levels.

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