Shaheen Chevrolet Employees and Department Staff

  • Service 866-726-1242
    • Tom Hernly Photo
      Tom Hernly
      Service Manager
      Phone : (517)272-6590
    • Clint  Heinz Photo
      Clint  Heinz
      Service Foreman
    • Craig Curtis Photo
      Craig Curtis
      Pre-Owned Vehicle Reconditioning Coordinator
    • Adam Ebright Photo
      Adam Ebright
      Service Advisor
      Phone : (517) 272-6557
    • Dale Wagner Photo
      Dale Wagner
      Service Advisor
      Phone : (517) 272-6558
    • Dan  Williams Photo
      Dan  Williams
      Service Advisor
      Phone : 517-272-6586
    • John  Feister Photo
      John  Feister
      Service Advisor
      Phone : 517-272-6754
    • Rick Scharf Photo
      Rick Scharf
      Service Advisor
      Phone : (517) 272-6454
    • Rob Winchester Photo
      Rob Winchester
      Courtesy Van Driver
    • Tom Hernly Sr. Photo
      Tom Hernly Sr.
      Courtesy Van Driver
    • Wesley Gibson Photo
      Wesley Gibson
      Courtesy Van Driver
    • Jeffrey Peterson Photo
      Jeffrey Peterson
      Service Tech
    • Lou Merlino Jr. Photo
      Lou Merlino Jr.
      Service Tech
    • Paul  Grachek Photo
      Paul  Grachek
      Service Tech
    • Kevin Hiers Photo
      Kevin Hiers
      Service Tech
    • Randy Orr Photo
      Randy Orr
      Service Tech
    • Marcus Grosshans Photo
      Marcus Grosshans
      Service Tech
    • Dan Ball Photo
      Dan Ball
      Service Tech
    • Service Tech
      Tim Curtis
      Service Tech

      3 years

    • Devlin Delleshiaie Photo
      Devlin Delleshiaie
      Service Tech
    •  Larry  Hartwick Photo
      Larry  Hartwick
      Service Tech
    • Scott Mulholland Photo
      Scott Mulholland
      Service Tech
    • Brandon Coppernoll Photo
      Brandon Coppernoll
      Service Tech
    • Adam  Coppernoll Photo
      Adam  Coppernoll
      Service Tech
    • Jerry Mikasa Photo
      Jerry Mikasa
      Service Tech
    • Mike Karkau Photo
      Mike Karkau
      Service Tech
    • Ryan  Meredith Photo
      Ryan  Meredith
      Service Tech
    • Larry Badgley Photo
      Larry Badgley
      Service Tech
    • Lance Simmons Photo
      Lance Simmons
      Service Tech
    • Howard Losey Photo
      Howard Losey
      Service Tech
    • James Watson Photo
      James Watson
      Service Tech
    • Dennis Covert Photo
      Dennis Covert
      Service Tech
    • Caleb Eaton Photo
      Caleb Eaton
      Service Tech
    • Dustin Wortley Photo
      Dustin Wortley
      Wash Attendant
    • Gabriel  Rainey Photo
      Gabriel  Rainey
    • Mac McDaniels Photo
      Mac McDaniels
    • Charles King Photo
      Charles King
    • Antonio Marin Photo
      Antonio Marin
    • Ronald Buhs Photo
      Ronald Buhs
    • Bob Lieber Photo
      Bob Lieber
    • Jim Morrall Photo
      Jim Morrall
    • Gene Bryan Photo
      Gene Bryan
      Building Maintenance
    • Nicholas Howland Photo
      Nicholas Howland
    • Andrew  Howland Photo
      Andrew  Howland
    • Atisha Mireles Photo
      Atisha Mireles
    • David Lovely Photo
      David Lovely
      Car Wash
    • Wurmnest III RIchard Photo
      Wurmnest III RIchard
      Service Tech
  • Collision Center 866-724-6706
    • Kevin Davis Photo
      Kevin Davis
      Asst Bodyshop Mgr.
    • Eric Fountain Photo
      Eric Fountain
      Body Shop Estimator
    • Will  Bailey Photo
      Will  Bailey
      Body Shop Estimator
    • Jessica Kester Photo
      Jessica Kester
    • Ben Miller Photo
      Ben Miller
      Body Tech
    •  Bill  Burch Photo
      Bill  Burch
      Body Shop Admin. Asst.
    • Chris Vasilion Photo
      Chris Vasilion
      Body Tech
    • James Masarik Photo
      James Masarik
      Body Tech
    • Jason Whitcomb Photo
      Jason Whitcomb
      Body Tech
    • Jeremy  Hoover Photo
      Jeremy  Hoover
      Body Tech
    • Matt  Walker Photo
      Matt  Walker
    • Michael Felice Photo
      Michael Felice
    • Karl Swearingen Photo
      Karl Swearingen
    • Kenneth Burnett Photo
      Kenneth Burnett
      Body Shop Tech
    • Ryan  Fitzpatrick Photo
      Ryan  Fitzpatrick
      Body Tech
    • Tracy Anderson Photo
      Tracy Anderson
    • Danarius Radford Photo
      Danarius Radford
    • Eliza Wilson Photo
      Eliza Wilson
      Detail Manager
    • Jose Reyna Photo
      Jose Reyna
    • Josh Rivas Photo
      Josh Rivas
    • Kristina Burch Photo
      Kristina Burch
    • Steve  Richards Photo
      Steve  Richards
  • Quick Lube & Tire Center 866-724-6706
    • Casey Shann Photo
      Casey Shann
      Quick Lube & Tire Center Manager
    • Andrew Wonch Photo
      Andrew Wonch
      Quick Lube Service Advisor
    • Caleb Patterson Photo
      Caleb Patterson
      Quick Lube Service Advisor
    • Jeff Farhat Photo
      Jeff Farhat
      Quick Lube Service Advisor
    • Zach Parsons Photo
      Zach Parsons
      Quick Lube Service Advisor
    • Ken  Was Photo
      Ken  Was
      Quick Lube
    • Joe Stiles Photo
      Joe Stiles
      Tire Specialist
    • Adam Bilyea Photo
      Adam Bilyea
      Lube Tech
    • Al Miller Photo
      Al Miller
      Lube Tech
    • Alicia  Kroll Photo
      Alicia  Kroll
      Lube Tech
    • Austin Karlzen Photo
      Austin Karlzen
      Lube Tech
    • Brandon Endsley Photo
      Brandon Endsley
      Lube Tech
    • Calob Adams Photo
      Calob Adams
      Lube Tech
    • Chris Synder Photo
      Chris Synder
      Lube Tech
    • Dechar McMahan Photo
      Dechar McMahan
      Lube Tech
    • Gage Cairns Photo
      Gage Cairns
      Lube Tech
    • Jacob Newman Photo
      Jacob Newman
      Lube Tech
    • Jason Worden Photo
      Jason Worden
      Lube Tech
    • Koven Binion Photo
      Koven Binion
      Lube Tech
    • Matthew Hart Photo
      Matthew Hart
      Lube Tech
    • Nathan Schneider Photo
      Nathan Schneider
      Lube Tech
    • Rollin Williams Photo
      Rollin Williams
      Lube Tech
    • Sam Konkoly Photo
      Sam Konkoly
      Lube Tech
    • Shane Smith Photo
      Shane Smith
      Lube Tech
    • Tyler West Photo
      Tyler West
      Lube Tech

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